Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

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1.  Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding breast cancer among women of Kaduna metropolis
2.  Comparative hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of Berberis asiatica stem bark and root
3.  Antimicrobial activity of isolated actinomycetes and optimization of bioactive metabolites production
4.  Antioxidant and antihyperglycaemic effect of naringenin arrest the progression of diabetic nephropathy in diabetic rats
5.  Comparative studies of free and immobilized Aspergillus flavus onto functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes for soyasapogenol B production
6.  Evaluation the Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Antitumor properties of Sabal Grown in Egypt
7.  Physicochemical Characterization of Olmesartan Medoxomil Polymer Solid Dispersions by Hot Melt Extrusion for Dissolution rate enhancement
8.  Eco-friendly coloration of silk and flax fabrics with nature dye enhanced by UV radiation
9.  Effect of some organic natural sources on rice tissue culture